Hiring New Home Sales Assistants

At SLC, we value our people as much as we value our client


At  the very heart of the award-winning work we do for customers is our  culture of success and the team members who engender passion, teamwork,  entrepreneurship, and mutual respect.
We  know the impact our employees have on our customer's sales. We also  know our employee want an opportunity to enter the new home industry. We  back this opportunity with the unwavering commitment of providing one  of the new home industries best training programs, inside knowledge to  apply during your negotiations throughout your entire lifetime of  purchasing homes, flexible schedule, and promotional opportunities.

 Nothing happens until a sales takes  place. Nothing happens for our builder/customer until you, as a team,  assist in selling a home. When the team works and you sell a home,  everyone - from the stockholders to all the in-house employees to  construction, gardeners, lumber companies, manufacturers, etc... all the  way to the customers - benefits from the sale. At the same time, you  flip on a switch activating the factories as well as small and large  companies across the world that determines the entire direction of the  economy. This is the New Home Industry. 


SLC  rewards our employees with two honors bestowed annually. They are  recognized for unparalleled commitment to the customer and SLC. 

To sustain  our culture of success, we actively recruit talented men and women who  want more than just a job. We want talented people who strive to make a  difference. If that sounds good to you, tell us about yourself. 

Submit  your application or resume to our Human Resources Department at  slcinc@slcinc.com and we will contact you for an interview.