Bethany A. Menzies - Philanthropist

With more than 20 years of experience in executive sales, marketing and  business development roles, Bethany has led and developed large teams of  sales, business development, marketing and field support professionals,  managed strategic client relationships and built and led related  programs nationally.  Before returning to New York City, Bethany  launched and led business development for Deloitte in the U.S. Pacific  Northwest, and managed key client relationships in Seattle.   

Bethany's experience is drawn from her work with consulting firms, "Fortune 500" corporations, and venture-backed start ups.  

Prior  to Deloitte, Bethany led business development for Gartner Executive  Programs on the east coast based in NYC where she was initially hired to  focus on Wall Street firms and later expanded to include multi-industry  "Fortune 1000" clients across the U.S. East Coast.  Prior to Gartner,  she built and led professional sales teams for two venture capital  backed start-ups.  Prior to her start-up experience, Bethany served in  executive sales and strategic client relationship leadership positions  for over a decade at a division of Thompson Reuters base in NYC.  departing in 2000 as Vice President of Sales with responsibility of  $140m in annual revenue.

Bethany earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business  Administration in 1987 from the Pennsylvania State University, majoring  in Marketing.  

Bethany's current philanthropic  work supports 'at-risk youth with potential', primarily focused on  education and workplace development.  She lives in NYC with her husband  Euan and three dogs.

Melinda Pettit - Vice President and Controller

 Melinda Pettit is the Vice President and Controller at Unified  Industries Incorporated (UII). In addition, Melinda is serving on the  board for Unified Resorts.

Melinda manages key  partner relationships and leads the company's business financial  efforts.  Melinda brings over 25 years of financial and business  experience ranging from small,privately and public owned businesses to  large corporations.

 Melinda furthered her education and skills at Strayer  University.  Melinda has been in an advisory capacity with SLC since  1991 and is involved in all financial aspects.  Melinda acts as the  Chief Financial Officer and in addition, Melinda servesas the Secretary  for the SLC Board of Directors.  Melinda is instrumental in regular  discussions with the President and CEO regarding SLC in both financial  and administrative mattersthat are pertinent to SLC's current and future  position.