SLC is pleased to offer photography as  another benefit to our customers. Conner Cummings, the son of Sharon  Cummings (SLC President) has demonstrated a rare gift.Conner is autistic  and communicates through the eye of the camera.  Currently Conner is  the only known autistic photographer within the Washington DC area.

Conner  is a published photographer and has 9 pictures that were chosen by  Shire Publisher and displayed in a book titled "Presidents' Gardens" by  Linda Hoyt. 

​Conner won honorable mention in a local photography  contest with a picture of a butterfly he took in New York and Conner  has sold a few of his uniquely vision pictures.  


 The love, thought and determination in every picture makes no picture ordinary.

Pictures are priceless and you can never have too many.
Pictures are passed down to generations and always cherished.
Pictures tell the story of your company event or charity.

Contact SLC to discuss your event and cost quote to hire Conner and a photographer partner.

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